Owning a small business takes a lot of time and dedication. While you know an active social media presence is important, you likely do not have the time to do it all; that's where I come in. The small business goal of social media is to keep you top-of-mind with customers and potential new customers. The Cypress Side Hustle difference is that your posts are curated to your location, your audience, and your goals; they are not cookie-cutter. 


I am not a platform. I’m a person, just like your customers. I work with you to find out what is happening with your business and what you want your customers to know about. All of my posts are based on your brand, your message, and your audience. I monitor your account to determine the best time of day for posting and adjust accordingly. Additionally, I am a text, phone call, or email away to answer any questions that you have. Because of the personalization of my business, I limit the number of clients that I work with at a time. I am not a platform targeting the masses. I am a small business owner whose goal is to help your small business grow. 


$150 per month and $50 start-up fee


3 posts per week to Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter

Access to preview posts

A monthly report of your social media account's performance


Social Media Curation


I was born in New Orleans, graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi, and have now made my way to Cypress, Texas. I have a degree in marketing and a fondness for small businesses. Connecting with people is vital to both joy and success. I appreciate making that a little easier for small business owners and in turn helping their business grow.



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